Fused / Infused Olive Oils



Our oils are sourced from groves in Italy, Chili, Spain, Greece, Portugal and many more Northern and Southern Hemisphere locations. We offer Fused (crushed with the olives at time of harvest) and infused (All Natural ingredients for different flavours).

"Fused" olive oil is also referred to as "agrumato" in Italy.  Agrumato olive oil is made by crushing sound olives with whole, fresh fruits, herbs or vegetables at the time of crush. In the winter, at our mill in Tunisia, citrus fruit is picked at the peak of ripeness, split in half and then thrown in with the olives. The olives and fruit are then crushed simultaneously.  This process allows for the essential oils from the citrus peel to mingle with the oil from the olives. 

Infusing is the process of adding flavor to olive oil after it has been made. For some, infusing olive oil is nothing more than attempt to cover up poor quality, defective, old oil.  The problem with this strategy is that regardless of what flavoring is added to poor quality olive oil to mask it, the rancidity, fustiness and other negative attributes will still be evident underneath.  Furthermore, synthetic chemicals and flavors are often implemented as flavoring agents because they are more cost effective than, say, essential oils, concentrates or extracts. This "garbage in, garbage out" mentality is rampant in the industry where aesthetics and health take a backseat to the bottom line.

The infused extra virgin olive oils that we carry use the freshest extra virgin olive oils available in our collection that are most aesthetically compatible with the natural products we use to flavor them with. This simple mandate requires that the chemistry, freshness and quality of our infused olive oil are second to none.  It is a labor of love that we hope you find evident in the flavor, freshness and quality of our products.    

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